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We are the Top NAAC consultants, trusted by over 110+ institutions for Naac Accreditation Consultancy Services. We are the best NAAC consultancy since our NAAC experts provide Step by Step consultancy for your NAAC accreditation process for a higher grade that you ever imagined !

NAAC Accreditation Software

NAAC accreditation is a robust process , dealing with 7 criteria and several key indicators (KI’s) get is more complex. We have simplified NAAC accreditation process by developing a NAAC accreditation software based on robust 7 criteria and all the relevant Key Indicators (KI’s) since technology is the key in all the aspect.

NAAC AQAR Software

Filling Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) is a serious deal every year since it contributes a grade later. NAAC AQAR software is for keeping and maintaining a robust institutional data for years as per NAAC standard formats.You can now submit your annual robust data to NAAC as per NAAC required formats with one click using the AQAR software.


With an immense expertise in training domain, we provide various Technical & Non Technical Training for holistic development of students.


We also arrange internships for hands on practice in domain specific profiles with leading corporate.

Corporate Placement

we deal in domain specific, quality placements for the key quality profiles at leading corporate across the country.

Our NAAC Work Process


01. Institutional Audit

Our Experts visit at campus and conduct Audit , A well documented audit report is prepared and fetched to institution for their current status as per NAAC requirements.

02. IIQA Submission

We take a special care while filling & submitting your Institutional Information and Quality assessment (IIQA).

03. SSR Submission

We guide institutions on Self Study Report (SSR) on robust 7 criteria along with 55 - 107 Key Indicators depending on your institution category, which comprises predominantly Qualitative (Q1M) and Quantitative (QnM) metrics. We also ensure to have your Self Study Report (SSR) to be filled and submitted timely.

05. DVV

We provide appropriate Clarifications on submitted SSR if any clarifications raise by NAAC. We Closely monitor Data validation and Verification process (DVV) and update to Institution on its status.

04. SSS

We guide institutions on conducting Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS).

06. Peer Team Visit

Our NAAC Experts plan & conduct separate Mock visits at the campus.

“Quality is more important than quantity. one home run is much better than two doubles.”


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