We are the Top NAAC Consultant, trusted by over 79+ institutions across India for 'Naac Accreditation Consultancy Services', approved by 'Ministry of MSME' & 'Govt. of INDIA'.


Our mission

To provide valuable support to Colleges and Universities to get them accredited with a well deserved grade in the NAAC accreditation process.


Our vision

Be Fast ,Be Glocal, Be Connected and To become industry leader.

NAAC GURU strategies

Our strategies

Conduct Audit as per NAAC requirements, Guide and support institutions step by step for their documentation preparation as per NAAC criterion , Closely monitor , Assess, analyse and assistance for a higher NAAC Grade.

Why we are the best choice for
your NAAC accreditation Process!

We provide  step by step expert solution to get your institution grade high. Following are the steps,
  • Institutional Audit : Our Experts visit at campus and conduct Audit , A well documented audit report is prepared and fetched to institution for their current status as per NAAC requirements.
  • IIQA Submission : An online submission of  Institutional Information and Quality assessment (IIQA) is to be submitted.
  • SSR Submission: We guide institution on  Self Study Report (SSR) on robust 7 criteria along with  93 - 115 Key Indicators as per NAAC's New Format which comprises predominantly Qualitative (Q1M) and Quantitative (QnM) metrics. We ensure timely submission of the SSR online.
  • DVV Clarifications : We provide Apt  & Structured Clarifications to raised queries by NAAC in the stipulated time frame. Also to closely monitor Data validation and Verification process (DVV) and update to Institution on its status.
  • Student Satisfaction Survey : Assist HEI's on right way to conduct the process for the maximum score in the new format of NAAC.
  • Peer Team Visit : Assist institution for implementing best strategy on Peer Team Visit of NAAC.
HEI's Registration
Institutional Audit
IIQA Submission
SSR Submission
DVV Clarifications
SSS - Student Satisfaction Survey
Peer Team Visit - Assistance

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Why we are the best choice for your NAAC accreditation project !
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